Force 410

Empowering Young People to Serve the Lord!

These years (3rd – 5th grades) are a time of change and growth – physically, socially, and spiritually for each child.

FORCE 410 encourages students to:

  • Mature to a “higher” level of studying, reasoning, and learning. They will be studying God’s Word for themselves, not being “told Bible stores,” as they might have been in the past.
  • Develop community through positive social interaction, finding common goals, and encouraging one another to do their best. Therefore, consistent attendance is very important.
  • Develop responsibility by making a commitment, setting goals, pacing themselves, and developing good habits.

Encourage and pray for these children as they begin a great adventure toward spiritual maturity. Also, pray for the teachers as we try to assist them in the right direction in their journey.

What is Force 410 about?

Level 1 (Why) involves knowing things the Bible says and why they are important to Christians. We are teaching those things as well as helping them learn what they are. We encourage them to pass the Level 1 test, then move on to the Level 2 test.

Level 2 (Where) asks them to know where these things are found in the Bible. We want the kids to understand that things we believe and do are in the Bible.

Level 3 (What) reminds the kids what the Bible says. We ask that they memorize 10 of the 12 verses. They may say the verse to one of the teachers at the beginning or end of any class. We do want them to really know it, not just stumble through with prompts. (For the Level 3 test, they can write them down or say them out loud.) We will sign their “test paper” each time they say a verse. This can start any time. It might be easier to wait until after the Level 2 test, but the child may feel differently.

Level 4 (How) involves DOING things. Some things we will do in class. Some you may do at home. Either the teacher or the parent should sign the book. Some children are already doing these things. We will be helping them in class and doing things together. If you find one you can work on at home, then, do it! And sign the book!

Force 410 Level 2 songs are available to listen to below:

Level 2.2

Level 2.3

Level 2.4

Level 2.5

Level 2.6

Level 2.7

Level 2.8

Level 2.9

Level 2.10