Website Instructions

Website Instructions

Click the Donate Now button above to be re-directed to our secure donation processor.

Instructions for Donating via the Website

To get started with Online Giving via the website, start by selecting the “Donate Now” button above. This will re-direct you to our secure online donation processor. Once you are on their page the next series of steps is required:

  1. Select “Create Profile” on the right side under Create Your Online Profile.

2. Follow the steps to create your profile by typing in your email address (this will be your username), then select “Continue”.

3. Fill in your name, other required information, and create a password, then select “Create Profile”.

4. Once you have created your profile, you will be brought to your Account Summary page. From here you can start a donation by selecting “Add Transaction”.

5. Now you can choose how much you would like to donate, the frequency (one time or recurring), and a start date. Once you have these options completed, you can select “Continue”.

6. On the Donation Information screen, you can select an account to donate from (Credit/Debit, Checking, or Savings), then fill in your account information. Once you have filled in the account information, you can check the reCAPTCHA box, then select “Process”.

7. Once you select process, a receipt for your donation will be shown on the screen and emailed to the email address you registered with.